Site Plan

Meticulously symbolic, resolute unmistakable

The Continuum Site Plan Ground Facilities 2
The Continuum Site Plan North South 1
The Continuum Site Plan Sky Facilities 1
The Continuum Site Plan North South Sky

Grandeur befitting a truly exclusive address

Thiam Siew Avenue transforms to a distinctive, lush boulevard that reveals the dual address in the East. Each lobby is harmoniously designed to complement the other, exquisitely articulated with a gradience of colour and elements to create an inimitable sense of arrival that resonates through The Continuum.

Property Amenities


Sky Walk Bridge

Two stunning silhouettes in an artful weave of luxury and comfort stretch parallel within the intricate enclave. The iconic skywalk, a unique modernist sculptural centrepiece, is where tastes and textures converge, connecting you with the other dimensions of this thoughtfully designed development.

The Continuum Sky Walk Bridge
The Continuum Sky Walk Bridge 2

Meanwhile, high above the populace, two skyways that dazzle the night link breathtakingly curated Sky Gardens. Framed by sublime ocean and city views are class venues tailored for a range of leisure pursuits. An escape within a dream home where personal beats are achieved and social circles flourish.

An undivided attention to detail

Complete amenities are meticulously curated and mapped with all generations and aspirations in mind. The Continuum promises continuity of well-being for the mind and body, heart and soul.


The Continuum Heritage Clubhouse

Heritage Clubhouse

Timeless memories await at the refurbished Thiam Siew House. The clubhouse features a decorative wall that preserves the property’s Marseille roof tiles, a mid-19th century innovation, and original wooden casement windows restored from another house. The gate posts remain as they were, heralding memorable moments as they have done for decades.



Catch up on your thoughts in the quietest place around, which has the makings of a refreshing remote work environment.


Club Room

Designed to charm and furnished for comfort, with ample room to celebrate all occasions from baby’s full month to landmark birthdays.

From the refurbished heritage bungalow north clubhouse to the ultra-contemporary south clubhouse. Find your social sweet spot anywhere along the spectrum of choices at The Continuum.


The Continuuum South Social

Entertain or be entertained at South Side Social. Inspired by a glowing lantern, it brings a radiant dimension to the plethora of indoor experiences at The Continuum. In ambient contrast to Thiam Siew House, The Continuum’s second clubhouse picks up the tempo with two floors of merriment in three diverse spaces designed to indulge playful imaginations.

Sound Room

Sound Room

K-pop group nights, family singalongs or anytime you feel like breaking into song. Hours are always happy here.

Glass House

Glass House

Cal ming palettes create a warm ambience that complements tea parties as much as it inspires art workshops.

Elevated living from the ground up

Lavishly detailed from the lush landscaped grounds up to breathtaking heights, The Continuum is poised to turn moments into lasting memories.


Hammock Deck

Hammock Deck

Drift on a daydream or stargaze a romantic evening away as you sway gently in the breeze amid a verdant Sky Garden.

Aqua Gym Pool

Aqua Gym Pool

From low-impact exercise to resistance training, aqua bikes and other equipment offer a refreshing workout for all fitness levels.


Sky Jacuzzi

Sky Jacuzzi

Relax in the style high above the bustle as sweeping views of the coast or city skyline melt your worries away.

Pool Pavilion North

Pool Pavilion North

Lap pools on either plot complement play and wellness pools to cater for serious swimming or fun family time.


Playground North

Playground North

Themed playgrounds woven into the landscape combine art and adventure for your kids to create new dimensions of play.

Sky Roof North

Sky Roof North

Gather with friends new and old at this welcoming extension of your living room, or simply lean back and enjoy the view.

Enjoy the greater indoors

The Continuum features a selection of indoor venues that offer an array of bespoke experiences to enhance your favourite pastimes and pursuites.

North Plot

Sky Bar

Sky Bar

This plush, inviting space is the perfect setting for romantic sunsets or intimate gatherings.

Sky Fitness

Sky Fitness

Recharge your mind and body with a range of state-of-the-art equipment set amid spectacular views.

Grill Deck Resting Lounge

Grill Deck & Resting Lounge

Grill and chill at the rooftop barbeque area that comes with a well-furnished, air-conditioned dining room.

South Plot

Sky Club

Sky Club

Take your guests’ breath away with your culinary skills and panoramic views in this finely appointed private dining destination.

Sky Gym

Sky Gym

Overlooking scenic serenity, yoga and pilates zones let you achieve holistic wellness at your own time and tempo.

Social Room

Social Room

This flexible, spacious hall can be easily configured for a range of activities, from movie nights to ballroom dancing.

Animation Video

Complete amenities are meticulously curated and mapped with all generations and aspirations in mind. The Continuum promises continuity of well-being for the mind and body, heart and soul.

Last Updated: 19th July 2024

The Continuum Site Plan Facilities: A Tapestry of Urban Living, Redefined

Nestled within a thoughtfully designed enclave, The Continuum boasts a rich tapestry of property amenities that redefine urban living. From the meticulously refurbished Thiam Siew House to the iconic skywalk and a myriad of facilities catering to every aspect of well-being, The Continuum’s site plan is a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates luxury, comfort, and a nod to heritage.

Heritage Clubhouse:
At the heart of The Continuum lies the Heritage Clubhouse, a place where timeless memories await. Housed within the refurbished Thiam Siew House, this clubhouse preserves the property’s historical Marseille roof tiles and original wooden casement windows, transporting residents to a mid-19th century ambiance. The decorative wall, gate posts, and other heritage elements herald memorable moments, bridging the past with the present.

Sky Walk Bridge:
A unique modernist sculptural centerpiece, the iconic Sky Walk Bridge is an artful weave of luxury and comfort. Connecting the two stunning silhouettes within the enclave, this bridge is where tastes and textures converge. As residents traverse this walkway, they connect with the other dimensions of The Continuum, creating a sense of continuity in the living experience.

Culinary and Panoramic Delights:
The Continuum offers a variety of culinary and leisure spaces, enhancing the overall living experience. The Sky Club, a finely appointed private dining destination, provides panoramic views and an exquisite ambiance for residents to showcase their culinary skills and entertain guests.

Overall Landscape Plan & Facilities:
The site plan of The Continuum is meticulously curated, mapping a comprehensive array of facilities that cater to all generations and aspirations. Divided into distinct zones, the development offers a blend of natural and man-made spaces, creating a harmonious living environment.

North Continuum:
From arrival zones, play zones, and garden areas to a continuum bridge and heritage zones, the North Continuum offers an array of amenities catering to diverse interests. Facilities such as lap pools, wellness zones, and multipurpose lawns provide residents with spaces for relaxation, recreation, and exercise.

South Continuum:
The South Continuum mirrors the thoughtful planning of the North, with arrival zones, play zones, and garden spaces creating a well-rounded living experience. Notable features include a “River” Pool Zone with cascading children’s and toddler’s pools, a family pool, and a wellness pool, providing a variety of water-based leisure options.

Sky Gardens:
The Continuum’s sky gardens, located in Blocks 1 & 3 (North) and Blocks 6 & 8 (South), offer elevated spaces for residents to unwind and connect with nature. These lush green areas feature facilities like outdoor lounges, grilling decks, yoga lawns, and hot tubs, providing residents with a serene retreat amidst the urban landscape.

The Continuum’s site plan facilities redefine urban living, offering a harmonious blend of heritage, luxury, and well-being. From the meticulously preserved Thiam Siew House to the iconic Sky Walk Bridge and the diverse range of amenities across the development, The Continuum stands as a testament to the continuous pursuit of elevated living. With a focus on providing a comprehensive living experience, The Continuum’s site plan enhances the tapestry of urban life, creating a vibrant and cohesive community for its residents.

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